Rethink. Rebrand. Relaunch.

When you first bring your brand into the world, you make decisions at pace. They’re right for that moment, but in time, just like your awkward teenage years, you outgrow your old identity and lose direction. Naturally, the time comes to evaluate and reposition. Handing that over to an outsider is daunting.

We believe in a consultative guided approach. Fewer fireworks, more fizz, giving you an authentic identity that will last.

Co-creation is at the heart of how we work.
We can take you through the whole process or one step at a time:

1 Brand foundation icon

Brand foundation


1:1 sessions to clarify your personal vision, scoping where you are and where you want to be.

Delivered either as a one-off, a series of sessions or as the starting point for the full branding process.

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“I’m not joking, these 1:1s are like therapy!”
Nick Richards, Computer Geeks
2 Brand Essence icon

Brand essence

Research, discovery & strategy

We’ll conduct research and facilitate team discovery sessions. The output is a brand blueprint document that brings clarity to the process of evolving your brand identity.


Both creative and tactical, this sprint provides you with creative territories, along with a clear creative project brief. These capture the themes and ideas developed during the collaborative sessions and set out the tactical deliverables.

Your team feels empowered, part of the creative process and ready to move forward with a watertight brief.

Choose this solution if you value achieving a clear strategy on how to create a compelling brand. Brief-ready to work with your own creative team or preferred design partners.

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“They carried out research and took the leadership team through a discovery workshop, this set the strategy for the creative stage and ensured that we had a tight brief to keep us all in alignment.”
Alexa Brierly, KTSL

At this point, we will assemble and manage our team of trusted creatives, or help you commission the right agency to produce the deliverables (brand identity, digital or print).

Whichever route you chose, we’ll stay on board so that your strategy and ideas don’t get lost in the execution.

3 Brand Appeal icon

Brand appeal

Visual & verbal toolkit

Together, we’ve made a series of decisions that will result in a considered and cohesive creative solution. We will deliver your new brand identity as a ready-to-use brand toolkit with clear brand guidelines. Besides visual guidance, we will incorporate compelling messaging, tone of voice guidance and content pillars (ownable topic areas, your checklist for staying on message and on brand).

A distinct and appealing brand framework ready for your team and partners to run with.

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“When a creative agency comes to redesigning their brand it creates a lot of enthusiasm; what we needed was someone who could work with us to harness this energy. Through co-creation workshops, Sue made sure everyone’s voice was heard and delivered us a brand makeover that makes us proud every time we see it.”
Jo Haywood, Founder, Skylark Media
Finding your brand essence

We believe…

Brand trumps

If you don’t define your brand, you’ll never really believe in what you’re saying and you’ll keep on with frustratingly ineffective scattershot marketing. Lead with a brand strategy. From there, your marketing plan will fall into place. A brand-first approach will maximise all your efforts across the business, not just marketing; your next hire, the next event you attend, the next big decision.

Pause before running

We need to stop random acts of branding: those knee-jerk actions will send you zig-zagging off course. We believe in pausing before running because when you’re in the thick of it, it isn’t always easy to take a step back. As an external guide, we can help you to unblock and see things differently. It doesn’t have to take a long time; it just needs some space, and some focused attention.

Branding is a
collaborative process

Leave egos at the door and get shot of ‘The Big Reveal’. The Mad Men style agency creative presentations should be a thing of the past. Branding is a journey that everyone needs to go on together. We believe in quiet democracy, involving you and your team right the way through the process to get the best creative and strategic result. This way, they’ll become passionate brand advocates, with everyone pulling in the same direction. With us, there are fewer surprises. It may not be as ‘exciting’, but it is way more effective in the long run.

When a creative agency comes to redesigning their brand it creates a lot of enthusiasm; what we needed was someone who could work with us to harness this energy. Through co-creation workshops, Sue made sure everyone’s voice was heard and delivered us a brand makeover that makes us proud every time we see it.

Jo Haywood, Founder, Skylark Media

Look from the
outside in

A brand position is not something you can completely control; it exists in your audience’s mind. By involving your customer or client, we glean valuable insights and an alternative perspective that wouldn’t be possible if we focused solely on what you and your team think is right. We investigate their pains and gains and what value you deliver for them; what motivates them to engage with you and find out what it is that they love?

With a clear
purpose and a
strong vision you
will fly

Once you’ve nailed your position in the mind of your audience you’ll be unstoppable. You can adjust your course but your reason for flight and the end destination never change.

Rebranding download part 1

Curious about finding out how to best start a rebranding journey? Get clarity right from the get-go by downloading the first instalment of our guide to building a compelling brand – it’s specially designed for small teams.

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What we can do for you


Brand audit

Brand discovery workshops

Market research & positioning


UX research


Co-creation sessions

Creative territory development

Creative brief writing

Functional specification planning

Pitch management



Brand proposition development

Brand naming

Creative direction

Brand identity design



Brand guidelines

Brand tone of voice

Brand application: digital, print, large format

Environmentally-friendly: production and website hosting

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