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Collaborative brand strategy advice and brand identity design for CEOs and founders of tech and digital agencies. We help you stand out.

Is your marketplace beginning to feel a little crowded? Maybe you’re blazing an innovative trail and wanting to become better known? Carefully considered brand positioning can make all the difference.

Branding your startup might have been relatively fast and easy. With minimal obstacles, you made swift progress. But perhaps the ease that made market entry straightforward, has gone on to create a crowded and competitive environment, diminishing some of the advantages you once enjoyed.

As your business grows and faces new challenges, having a 360­° perspective on where you stand is vital. The need to boost sales, attract top talent, build strong teams and continue innovating makes a robust brand strategy exactly what you need to get you on the road to sustainable success.

We’ve helped all sorts of tech and digital businesses carve out their unique space. Getting clear on where they stand has given direction and purpose to their every decision, increasing their brand visibility and impact, making budgets go further and helping them stay front-of-mind with the very people they want to reach.

Get the foundations right

Arriving at a brand strategy is not something that should be done to you, it should be created with you ­– in collaboration with your team – and guided by an experienced brand strategist. We help you take a step back and work with you, following a proven process that gives you the framework to:

  • Stand out and communicate your difference
  • Articulate your vision to your team – building on and developing the team culture that you’ve created
  • Define, refine and demonstrate your purpose to prospective, new and increasingly values-driven talent and customers
  • Commission the design of a distinctive identity that makes you and your team feel proud, and attracts investment and sales
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How we work

Every project is different, but our typical approach is to conduct 1:1 sessions to clarify your personal vision, scoping where you are and where you want to be. We then conduct research and facilitate team discovery sessions. Having delivered strategic recommendations and a creative brief, we assemble and manage our team of trusted creatives, or help you commission the right agency to produce the deliverables (brand identity, digital or print).

Not every challenge requires a radical rethink, the recommendations we make may lead to an iteration or a pivot – a refresh rather than a full rebrand. We stay on board so that your strategy and ideas don’t get lost in the execution.

Sue Bush The Co-Foundry

About Sue and her team at The Co-Foundry

I’m Sue, a brand identity consultant with over 25 years’ experience. I’m a big believer in the transformative power of employing branding and design to help a business thrive. Me and my team of specialists work collaboratively with you in efficient, focused sprints to help you find, create and communicate your distinct identity.

Strong positioning is the backbone of effective branding and we love helping our clients forge clear and distinctive positions within their marketplaces. We help you by bringing an objective eye to the process, digging deep with our research, listening to your audience and your team, and helping you carve your position from all the options that are available to you.

Positive impact

We know we make the most difference when we’re supporting the ambitions of purpose-driven founders and teams who are driven to inform, educate, innovate, enrich and work to create a better world for us all.

Move fast and stay vigilant

No brand exists in a hermetically sealed bubble, and in fast-moving tech sectors, you’ve got to remain vigilant to change. We can come in and help you with both the challenges you face today and those that are coming down the line. Let’s talk…

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