Abode Worldwide rebrand

Abode Worldwide (formerly known as Abode PR) is a public relations and content marketing agency that helps lodging tech providers elevate their brands and become leaders in the markets they serve. Having reached a significant point in their journey, they were looking to raise their profile as they diversified their offering within this growing niche and expanded their business into new territories.


Recognising they needed their brand to be in the best possible shape to meet the demands of their high growth plan, Abode approached us to work with them on a strategic rebrand and repositioning of their business.

Our research indicated that the Abode brand was very much associated with the company’s founder, Jessica Gillingham, a well-known powerhouse in the sector. Much-loved by Abode’s clients across the world, she’s worked on all sides of the industry, including running her own travel let firm. Her deep understanding of the sector had shaped Abode’s unique approach and been instrumental in its success but, with the team having grown, it was time to change the perception that Abode is Jessica, without diluting the value her respected profile offers.

In addition, the company name – Abode PR, no longer adequately reflected the company’s ambition or offering (which now also included content marketing). The new brand would need to express their evolved proposition.

I knew that we’d be in a very safe pair of hands when we instructed Sue with our re-brand and positioning strategy work. I wanted to feel seen and heard in terms of understanding what we as a company had achieved so far – but also taken gently through a process of risk so we could better articulate and position where we are now and, as importantly, where the agency is going.

Jessica Gillingham, Founder, Abode Worldwide


To help Abode achieve real standout for their brand, a thorough, collaborative research and discovery process saw us define Abode’s brand archetype (i.e. their human characteristics) as The Ruler. This archetype describes a brand that’s at the top of its game, blazing a trail for others and helping them become leaders too. The design solutions, marketing communications and other collateral that would flow from this approach would reflect Abode’s position of substance and pre-eminence, akin to their being the Rolex or Mercedes-Benz of PR and content marketing in the lodging sector.


Focusing on their global reach and influence, Abode PR was renamed Abode Worldwide to reflect its reach, authority, expanded offering and future growth.


The brand’s creative theme – its distilled brand essence – ‘Rise & Shine’ was drawn from the purpose statement we defined: Abode ‘raises people and brands so they shine bright’. The concept that flows from this is a versatile brand system built around radiating circles that express the idea of building momentum and pace.

Abode has a sister brand, Pillow Talk which is its established and highly regarded thought leadership media channel, offering insight and inspiration to the industry at large. The versatility of the brand system’s creative theme allows for Pillow Talk to have its own distinctive identity while still being very much connected to the Rise & Shine essence: If you rise and shine with the sun, you slow down in the dusk and read.

Twisting the logo motif of Abode Worldwide which is akin to a rising sun, creates a moon device for Pillow Talk while the colour palette switches from warm sunshine hues to restful evening colours.

Abode sub brand

In application

This treatment of the various aspects of the Abode brand creates a cohesive whole that not only reflects their work elevating their lodging tech client brands but also conveys their leading position in the industry and gives them room to fulfil their growth plans now, and in the future.

Our work also took in designing and building Abode’s website, and designing templates for their pitch decks, proposals, social media and stationery, while the detailed brand guidelines we produced will help the Abode team maintain consistency within this versatile brand system. Finally, the Abode rebrand was brought to life through motion design with a video announcing its launch.

The Co-Foundry gave us the right amount of safety and innovation to create a brand that fits perfectly with our values and mission and takes Abode Worldwide to the next level of our journey and growth ambitions.

Jessica Gillingham, Founder, Abode Worldwide

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