Housing For Women annual review

Objective: Housing For Women is a charity that works to empower women through good homes and services that challenge the inequalities faced by women. Their brief was to design a flagship annual review, reporting on the impact of their work.


Bringing to life statistics and data that prove the value of Housing For Women’s work would be vital to the success of this project. We would need to vibrantly enhance the charity’s image to fit its mission of female empowerment, while developing its wider brand identity to be used in future communications.


Moving away from the ominous monochrome style of previous printed literature, we developed an upbeat and empowering aesthetic for the charity. Design choices like bold typography and a bright colour palette help to convey a positive outlook, while candid photography effectively captures the vital work being undertaken by Housing For Women.

We recommended recently-graduated photographer Lucy Ranson, whose sensitivity and experience as a candid street photographer resulted in a striking collection of images for the annual report. Alongside Lucy’s photographs, we developed an array of infographics that demonstrate the success of Housing For Women projects by drawing attention to impressive statistics.

The report was printed on environmentally-friendly paper stock, in-keeping with the ethical values of the charity. We’re proud to continue working with Housing For Women, with work ranging from printed newsletters for housing residents to large format visuals and fundraising communications.

“It was a pleasure to work with The Co-Foundry in the redesign of our annual review. It reflects our core values and showcases the impact of our work in an engaging and visually pleasing way. Additionally, we were extremely grateful for Sue’s guidance in finding the right photographer that matched our brief for this project. Sue and her team were always on hand to answer any questions we had throughout the process and their flexible and collaborative approach means I would not hesitate to recommend them.

—Sarah Stone, Communications Officer, Housing for Women

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