About The Co-Foundry

I set up The Co-Foundry because I believe there’s a better, more personal and inclusive way to approach branding. We work together with creative and tech founders and their teams to forge unique, purposeful brands, using co-creation and interactive discovery sessions to bring everyone on the journey.

Sue Bush Brand Design Consultant

The worry of how to explain what you do and appeal to the right people can feel stifling. You do your best, but it may not always strike the right chord. My team and I help you do the soul-searching that identifies your authentic and compelling position. And we’ll give you the tools to visualise and verbalise what makes you distinctly you.

I’ve worked as a designer and creative director for over 25 years. Through it all my heart is with the transformative power of carefully considered branding. I co-owned a Shoreditch design agency when the Internet was in its infancy. I then started my own brand design agency Touchpoint Design fusing great design with the opportunities of tech. My love of the creative arts has given me the privilege to work with fabulous creative and cultural brands. The challenge for both tech and creative founders is the same, you strive to make a positive impact but are often too close to your business with too few hours in the day to find the best direction.

Touchpoint has rebranded as The Co-Foundry to reflect our mission to work collaboratively with founders. We’ll support you to step back and make the right branding decisions to help your business move forward and thrive.

Positive impact

We know we can make the most difference by supporting the ambitions of purpose-driven founders and teams who want to inform, educate, innovate, enrich and work to create a better world for us all.

Bring in the big hitters

I always build out and bring in experts. It means you get access to the best creative talent – in design, copy, content strategy – just right for your brief. And without the bigger agency overheads too.

Nicky Roberts

Brand writer

Nicky Roberts

Conceptual copywriter and senior creative with 20 years’ experience in advertising, branding and direct communications. Nicky’s recent work includes tone of voice development and messaging for our Unfold, Latcham and If Opera rebrands.

Ian Farrell

Technical consultant

Ian Farrell

Ian studied Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent, specialising in web and user experience, graduating in 2004. Ian constantly studies the latest trends, programming languages and technologies. He believes that developers need to have a strong awareness of design, usability, information architecture and SEO.

Rachel Hartwell

Senior designer

Rachel Hartwell

Rachel studied her BA in Graphic Communication at the University for the Creative Arts and has worked for SMEs through to large enterprises across multiple sectors. She offers a wide range of skills from conceptual design thinking and visual development to design and illustration.

Sonja Nisson

Content marketing consultant

Sonja Nisson

Sonja is on a mission to get good ideas out into the world. She’s a content marketing specialist, helping founders and teams to work out what content to create to attract and engage their audiences and drive business success. Sonja is co-author of the award-winning book Valuable Content Marketing: how to make quality content your key to success.

Matt Ayres

Content writer & editor

Matt Ayres

Matt produces carefully considered, expertly written copy for clients who care about building meaningful and authentic brands. His work includes website copy, blog posts, articles, case studies, email content and video scripts.

Jo Haywood

Video strategist & producer

Jo Haywood

Jo set up Skylark Media in 2005 following a career as a producer of science programmes for BBC and Discovery Channel. Skylark Media now works with innovative and sustainable businesses to deliver their unique message and build their brand identity.

Frazer King

Motion designer

Frazer King

Frazer specialises in motion graphics. Translating 2D designs into animated graphics. Bringing brand identities to life and producing brand animations for The Co-Foundry clients. He owns the Bath-based Votion studio.

Matt Lincoln


Matt Lincoln

With an emphasis on people and lifestyle photography, Matt shoots to capture the character and natural energy of his subjects. He offers a unique and creative approach to photographing people, places and things.

Why work with us?

Because we’re more
cat than mouse

We believe that curiosity saved the cat – we are nosey, we are bookworms, go for walks, go to exhibitions, play, listen, take breaks, look up, and look around. We don’t reach for the mouse before exploring first because good ideas come from surprising places.

We’re coaches,
not cheerleaders

We listen, empathise, seek to understand. Sometimes there is a temptation to play it safe; we’ll challenge you to take the right direction – a friendly coach, cheering from the sidelines, and willing to push when necessary.

“Sue has the strength of character and the right sort of energy and positivity which have been essential in getting stakeholder buy-in at all stages, avoiding delays and resulting in something that truly represents the team.”
Alexa Brierly, Marketing Manager, KTSL

We’ll position you for success

We passionately believe that if you get your position in the marketplace right and embrace creativity, you’ll succeed.

Helping you unscramble

Sometimes you’re so close to a problem that you can’t see the wood for the trees. We’ll bring over 25 years of experience to simplify those complex issues.

“Sue helps you communicate. She’s very good at distilling down complexity – distilling down lots of big abstract thinking into a very succinct, unifying essence, a brand, and the world needs more of that because there’s a lot of noise.”
Harry Cobbold, Founder, Unfold

Cutting out the fluff

Our process is not rocket science; it’s proven, it works, and it doesn’t take forever. What’s stopping you?

One last first thing

Climate positive workforce

We are members of Ecologi, our subscription each month ensures that each employee’s entire carbon footprint is more than offset. Ecologi plant a minimum of 12 trees per employee every month. To offset each footprint they will invest in the world’s best climate change solutions:

  • Reforestation
  • Supplying clean drinking water
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar power plants
  • Clean cooking stoves
Read our full environmental commitment
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