5 Tips for a more successful call to action

Designing an attractive site is only one part of the battle for success. When an all important customer arrives at your site you will want them to take action and you have only a few seconds to make them*.

In the site planning stage you will have defined with your design agency all primary call to actions across the site (data capture forms, links to product pages etc). The next step for the agency is to design the Call To Action (CTA) so that people feel moved to take action. The CTA must work quickly to draw attention – through visual clues and positioning, and through convincing words.

This infographic outlines 5 tips to creating a successful call to action:

Infographic by Lisa Margetis

Example of an effective CTA

In this website design you will see that we placed the primary call to action in a contrasting colour in the top left corner of the page [1]. We also repeat it further down the page [2]. The form itself sits at the base of every page, the action of clicking the button auto scrolls the page down to the form [3]. The analytics show a very healthy conversion rate: 1 in 5 visitors request a quote after visiting the site.

*The average attention span in 2015 is 8.25 seconds

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