Housing for Women brand refresh

Housing for Women is a charity that improves lives by providing social housing and gender sensitive support services to women. They work with women and their families who are facing challenging circumstances – whether they have been priced out of the London housing market or are victims of trafficking or violence.

The organisation needed to reinvigorate its brand to increase impact, give clarity to their mission and enable them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the housing association brand space.


To develop a contemporary and flexible brand identity to replace a dark duotone colour palette coupled with, at times, ominous photography which was not reflective of their dynamic attitude and life-changing services.

The three dimensional detailing in their previous logo was difficult to use at small sizes and on digital applications. We needed to modernise the logo, to make it more graphic, more flexible for digital and print use, large and small.

And finally, to create a suite of targeted literature, communicating with tenants in newsletters, raising funds with potential donors in promotional marketing, raising their profile with government ministers and other stakeholders.


Following a Brand Amplification workshop, where we explored the senior leadership team’s vision for the brand, personality and positioning, we designed a brand identity that reflected the positive impact of their work – rather than focussing on the sometimes negative imagery of the need for help and support.

We selected the typeface ‘Transport’ for the primary wordmark and headline. This typeface was originally designed by Margaret Calvert – one of the leading women in design (who created it in the late 1950s for use on British motorway signs – where legibility was paramount – still in use today). We paired this font with a bold and expressive typeface showing empowerment and confidence.

The colours of the suffrage movement inspired the primary brand colours – turquoise and dark purple – brightening the green to a lighter aqua to make it more contemporary.

We developed a brand design system with a new and extensive secondary colour palette to give a lighter, brighter, more positive feel, along with a suite of sub-brands for the different service areas; recognisably part of the family but working equally well alone.

Shapes taken from the female pictogram in the logo are used in the brand application to add interest and dynamism, helping to frame photographs and break colour blocks.

We have been really pleased with our brand refresh from The Co-Foundry which coincides with celebrating our 85th year. Our new logo, colours and design feel modern and engaging whilst still aligned to our history and our mission to empower women.

— Zaiba Qureshi, Chief Executive, Housing for Women

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