Bath Festivals

Bath Festivals needed a suite of websites to promote its arts events and programmes and to facilitate online bookings.


To ensure that the ‘main’ Bath Festivals site, and the three sub-sites were cohesive. The websites all needed to be fast and mobile-friendly for bookings and information requests on the go. They also had to capture the energy of the vibrant music and literature events held on the streets and in the cultural venues of the city throughout the year.


We designed four light, bright, websites. They include large photo gallery carousels to help showcase the high-calibre talent performing and speaking across the city. We carefully mapped the content for the four sites with the client to ensure that the menus are as simple as possible for ease of navigation. We also designed prominent animated call to action buttons to boost conversion rates on ticket sales.

The Bath Festival 2018 had the best year for music event sales since 2004.

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