London Mathematical Society

Objective: The London Mathematical Society needs ways to promote its initiatives and activity, which involves publicly debating matters that affect mathematics and its education. Over several years the Society has tasked our team with designing annual reviews and reports that demonstrate the impact of this work.


Established in 1865, the LMS is one of the UK’s major mathematics societies and has over 2,000 members. The Society wanted its publications to reflect its long history and the serious role it has played in shaping the discourse surrounding mathematics in Britain. Its communications would need to appeal to members who are active in their fields, and are at the cutting edge of innovation in mathematics.


The dynamic front covers we designed for the LMS’ publications are visually pleasing and mathematically intriguing. By boldly displaying geometric patterns and mathematical concepts drawn from the content (for example, graph theory diagrams), the covers appeal to the Society’s membership.

Inside the publications, bold infographics help to bring data to life in a way that’s understandable to non-member readers and stakeholders. By promoting mathematical research and its benefits to key decision makers, policy advisers and funders, the society continues to succeed in its mission of supporting mathematics and the professionals who practice it.

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