Newman University’s 50th Anniversary Book

Objective: To conceive, create and design an illustrated book to mark the 50th anniversary of Newman University, celebrating the University’s culture and ethos and its impact on education, young people and the wider world.


To make every recipient of the book – from partners in education to alumni and current students – feel a continued, integral part of Newman life and proud of their association with the University.

The text had to be well-structured, accessible and engaging – it needed to make the alumni smile, give present students a connection to their heritage, and offer education partners a sense of continued value in the work they do with the University.

The design had to provide visual cohesion to a potentially disparate combination of archive and modern images and give the book a specialness befitting of a gift or keepsake.


The professional design, classic typography and high production values have created a visually rich publication that looks and feels special. The text at once pays homage to Newman’s fascinating history (taking a decade-by-decade approach in the first part of the book) and celebrates (in the second part) its ground-breaking academic research projects.

First-person reminiscences from alumni and features on recent students connect the book to its primary readership and give a real-life feel for Newman’s contribution to higher education, the local community and the wider world.

Perfect binding in softback gives the book a sense of permanence befitting of a landmark anniversary publication. It is printed on environmentally friendly FSC stock, in line with Newman’s commitment to sustainability. The cover is finished off with a coloured paper bellyband foiled with the University’s specially commissioned anniversary logo and the book is presented in a printed and foiled envelope. The overall effect is to create a gift for all those who are such a crucial part of Newman’s past, present and future.

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