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We’re in the business of change. Not change for the sake of change but change when we need to change. Whether its changing people’s minds or the position you hold in the minds of your audience. Because let’s be clear, you can’t completely control your brand identity. Your audience has its own perception of who you are, what you do and what you stand for, but we can help nudge through creativity and clear thinking.

At The Co-Foundry, we don’t get excited by the prospect of changing branded products on a shelf, and we don’t get out of bed in the morning to make change happen for corporates. We focus on making change happen for change-makers: passionate founders, purpose-driven organisations and purpose-led employees.

There is so much more to brand repositioning than a logo, BUT we all love a good makeover, so we have put this collection together – swipe right and see the change.

Brand refresh for Housing for Women – the charity needed to reinvigorate its brand to increase impact, give clarity to their mission and enable them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the housing association brand space. We designed a brand identity that reflected the positive impact of their work – rather than focussing on the sometimes negative imagery of the need for help and support.


Rebranding for Oxford Films moving them from ‘Oxford Film & Television’ and positioning the company as a high quality independent production company with an international reputation.


Skylark Media’s brand expression didn’t reflect how far they had grown. They needed us to co-create an identity that captured their character and reflected the calibre of work they produce.


Over time the tech company KTSL had developed several products, branding each one differently each time. After establishing the right brand architecture model (a branded house) we designed a suite of logos. This built brand equity through increased brand awareness for their range of products. This was applied to robust brand guidelines and a suite of brand collateral.


The American Museum & Gardens is a hidden gem surrounded by beautiful gardens, so hidden in fact that the attraction just wasn’t attracting enough visitors. After a competitive tender Touchpoint Design were chosen to help make their brand identity more distinct.


Sometimes the change needed is just a refinement, this was the case with Brunel Shipping.

Rebrands, refreshes, extensions. The reasons for change vary; sometimes a twist, occasionally a full pivot, and often all that’s needed is a slight adjustment.

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