Charity branding

Re-cast your brand,
re-vitalise your impact.

Collaborative brand strategy advice and inclusive design for charity chief execs and communications professionals. Helping you spread the word and reach those with the greatest need.

These days, when so much government and statutory provision has been scaled back, the third sector is a lifeline to those in the greatest need. Already overstretched – trying to tackle society’s shortcomings with limited resources – it’s never been more important for third sector organisations to stand out for all the right reasons.

You need to make a strong case to the people you want to reach – donors, end-users, stakeholders and volunteers. Having a powerful and consistent brand identity does just that. So much more than a logo – it’s a strategic tool that stirs the emotions, creates trust and inspires loyal support.

And that’s where we come in – experienced charity brand and design consultants who thrive on working with organisations fuelled by purpose. We know how important it is that every penny you spend on building your brand is money well spent. We understand how any changes to your brand have to be handled with sensitivity and care, taking everyone involved on the journey. And we’re evangelical about giving not-for-profits the same high level of service as the commercial sector.

We can help you develop a strong, memorable identity that will evolve and grow with your organisation. Working collaboratively, we’ll build you a ‘brand system’ – visual rules that define shapes, colours, typography, iconography, photography, video and motion. It will be easy to use by everyone on your team and flexible enough to be dialled up or down, depending on the message, audience or channel.

Remove barriers, elevate your brand

Because we know you don’t want anyone in your target audience to be left out or experience barriers in accessing your services, our approach brings insights from a diverse range of perspectives into the design process. This means that we:

  • Listen to your audience, grounding your brand design in evidence-based findings
  • Co-create your identity, working inclusively and collaboratively with you and your stakeholders
  • Test for accessibility and for how relatable your brand identity is to your audience
  • Guide – by providing you with a detailed brand system that makes sure all your comms are effective and consistent.

Positive impact

We know we can make the most difference by supporting the ambitions of purpose-driven founders and teams who want to inform, educate, innovate, enrich and work to create a better world for us all.

Let’s talk

Good, strong branding energises your audience, engages stakeholders and helps spread the word. We’re here to help you stand out – let’s talk about how to do just that.

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